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Actual Pipeline - Passing Resources Between Jobs

Finally, it is time to make an actual pipeline - one job passing results to another job upon success.

In all previous sections our pipelines have only had a single job. For all their wonderfulness, they haven't yet felt like actual pipelines. Jobs passing results between jobs. This is where Concourse shines even brighter.

Update the publishing-outputs pipeline with a second job job-show-date which will run whenever the first job successfully completes:

- name: job-show-date
  - get: resource-tutorial
  - get: resource-gist
    passed: [job-bump-date]
    trigger: true
  - task: show-date
      platform: linux
        type: docker-image
        source: {repository: busybox}
        - name: resource-gist
        path: cat
        args: [resource-gist/bumpme]

Update the pipeline:

cd ../pipeline-jobs
fly -t tutorial set-pipeline -p publishing-outputs -c pipeline.yml -l ../publishing-outputs/credentials.yml
fly -t tutorial trigger-job -w -j publishing-outputs/job-bump-date

If you are missing ../publishing-outputs/credentials.yml, visit the section Revisiting Publishing Outputs from the previous lesson.

The dashboard UI displays the additional job and its trigger/non-trigger resources. Importantly, it shows our first multi-job pipeline:


The latest resource-gist commit fetched down in job-show-date will be the exact commit used in the last successful job-bump-date job. If you manually created a new git commit in your gist and manually ran the job-show-date job it would continue to use the previous commit it used, and ignore your new commit. This is the power of pipelines.