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Task Scripts

The inputs feature of a task allows us to pass in two types of inputs:

  • requirements/dependencies to be processed/tested/compiled
  • task scripts to be executed to perform complex behavior

A common pattern is for Concourse tasks to run: complex shell scripts rather than directly invoking commands as we did in the Hello World tutorial (we ran uname command with arguments -a).

Let's refactor task-hello-world/task_ubuntu_uname.yml into a new task task-scripts/task_show_uname.yml with a separated task script task-scripts/

cd ../task-scripts
fly -t tutorial execute -c task_show_uname.yml

The former specifies the latter as its task script:

  path: /bin/sh
  args: ["./task-scripts/"]

Where does the ./task-scripts/ file come from?

From section 2 we learned that we could pass inputs into the task. The task configuration task-scripts/task_show_uname.yml specifies one input:

- name: task-scripts

Since input task-scripts matches the current directory task-scripts we did not need to specify fly execute -i task-scripts=..

The current directory was uploaded to the Concourse task container and placed inside the task-scripts directory.

Therefore its file is available within the Concourse task container at task-scripts/

The only further requirement is that is an executable script.

N.B. For Windows users, some may see this error uname: invalid option -- when you execute the fly command. This may have happened because when you downloaded the GitHub repo on Windows machine, Windows style line ending have been applied to the file. One way to fix that is to open up the file in Notepad++, click on "Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix". Save the file and execute the fly command again.