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Trigger Jobs

There are four ways for a job to be triggered:

  • Clicking the + button on the web UI of a job (as we did in previous sections)
  • Input resource triggering a job (see the next lesson Triggering Jobs with Resources)
  • fly trigger-job -j pipeline/jobname command
  • Sending POST HTTP request to Concourse API

We can re-trigger our hello-world pipeline's job-hello-world:

fly -t tutorial trigger-job -j hello-world/job-hello-world

Whilst the job is running, and after it has completed, you can then watch the output in your terminal using fly watch:

fly -t tutorial watch -j hello-world/job-hello-world

Alternately, you can combine the two commands - trigger the job and watch the output with the trigger-job -w flag:

fly -t tutorial trigger-job -j hello-world/job-hello-world -w

In the next lesson we will learn to trigger jobs after changes to an input resource.